Not Your Average Paper-Based Container

Produced with renewable or even recycled cardboard, HALOPACK is the first fully-gas tight cardboard MAP tray on the market, creating an optimal microclimate inside the package to maintain food quality and extend shelf life.

Breathable options are also available for foods that require it to maintain freshness.

APTAR HALOPACK is easy to recycle. A peelable, thin plastic liner can be easily removed, leaving a renewable cardboard that meets recycling requirements. **

Extend shelf life and reduce food waste. High-barrier EVOH film delivers gas-tight modified atmosphere packaging that can extend product shelf life.

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Featuring a higher heat resistance, the HALOPACK Oven Solution is produced with virgin cardboard and ovenable film offers the opportunity to dual-heat your product with maximum shelf life.

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Hermetically-sealed vacuum skin packaging showcases your meat or seafood product with high barrier protection to ensure quality and maintain freshness.

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The Octagonal tray is a high barrier  MAP tray with the benefit of fitting most existing sealing tools and has even more sides to print on.

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Full separate seal and divider only options are available in 50/50, 40/60 or custom partitioning ratios.

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Great solution for fresh or frozen burger patties, the Clamshell is suitable for microwave or shock freeze.

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    * Aptar HALOPACK tray systems are constructed with FSC-certified cardboard.
    ** As evaluated for recyclability within the paper industry by PTS Fibre Solutions.