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SeaWell™ active packaging systems deliver cutting-edge solutions for e-commerce and home delivery markets to enable fresh seafood delivery to customers and drive repeat business

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Preferred by Home Delivery Consumers, Aptar – Food Protection’s SeaWellTM Active Packaging System Passes ISTA and ASTM Testing

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SEAWELL™ technology absorbs excess liquids that may result from draining, dripping or thawing of the seafood product while inside the package. The system leverages a proprietary blend of direct food contact safe materials integrated into the packaging that contains excess fluids and keeps them separated from the seafood itself. The fluids are trapped within the packaging, resulting in extended shelf life, reduced microflora growth, cleaner handling and improved product integrity. This process is hidden from consumers who enjoy a pristine product.

Enables frozen distribution and fresh delivery to the customer

SEAWELL™ Protective Packaging Systems

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SeaWellTM systems absorb excess liquids to keep seafood drier during transport

See how the technology works.

Take a look inside a SeaWell™ active packaging system to see how it works

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Give your customers maximum freshness and enhance their home delivery experience with SeaWell™ Active Packaging Systems

  • Pack + distribute frozen, thaw in same flexible package for fresh delivery to consumer
  • Touchless, rinse-free, simplified pouch-to-pan process reduces cross-contamination in the kitchen
  • Enhanced visual appeal & consumer experience, drives repeat purchases
  • Improved freshness and quality
  • Enables expanded geographic reach
  • Reduced shipping, storage, and labor costs
  • Decreased waste and environmental impact
  • Proven consumer preference
  • Size variety for varying product shapes

SeaWell™ active packaging systems are the ideal solution for e-Commerce delivery of seafood. Check out our SeaWell™ Information Center below for more resources on this innovative technology.

SeaWellTM information center

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