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Next generation active packaging system to enhance safety and extend freshness of customers’ high-value seafood products – Capturing the freshness of the sea from ocean to table

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Aptar – Food Protection Announces Market Launch of SeaWellTM, an Active Packaging System Designed to Maintain Seafood Quality and Freshness.

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The latest innovation in a line of Aptar’s portfolio of active packaging solutions, SEAWELLTM Protective Packaging Systems will revolutionize the seafood industry.

SEAWELL™ active packaging systems are a premium line of seafood packaging designed to enhance food safety, improve food quality, decrease seafood waste and extend freshness. The SEAWELL™ system significantly extends shelf life for fresh and frozen seafood, in many cases by up to 50 percent or greater.

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SEAWELL™ technology absorbs excess liquids that may result from draining, dripping or thawing of the seafood product while inside the package. The system leverages a proprietary blend of direct food contact safe materials integrated into the packaging that contains excess fluids and keeps them separated from the seafood itself. The fluids are trapped within the packaging, resulting in extended shelf life, reduced microflora growth, cleaner handling and improved product integrity. This process is hidden from consumers who enjoy a pristine product.

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SEAWELLTM Protective Packaging Systems
Pouch Configuration

Give your products maximum freshness and protection with our SEAWELLTM Protective Packaging Systems.

  • Extends freshness to reduce waste in supply chain
  • Enhances visual appeal
  • Absorbs odors
  • Reduces cross-contamination in the kitchen
  • Enables frozen distribution and fresh sale to market
  • Extends geographic reach for seafood processors
  • Increases sales and reduces shrink for retailers
  • Case-to-cook convenience for consumers in the home
  • Reduces microflora growth rates to enhance seafood safety
  • Great solution for home delivery meal kit market

SEAWELL™ active packaging systems are available in both tray and pouch formats in a wide range of sizes to accommodate both retail and food service applications. Click here to view our brochure.

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