As seen in ProFood World Magazine, October 2020 Issue:

Staying Above Sea Level:
The SeaWell packaging system extends shelf life and improves food safety of seafood by separating the product from the excess liquid it releases.

Aptar – Food Protection intends to enhance the freshness of packaged seafood from sea to table with its latest active packaging system. The Crystal Lake, Ill.-based company developed SeaWell, packaging designed to separate seafood from excess liquid in order to mitigate microbial growth, prevent breakdown of the product, and extend shelf life.

SeaWell features integrated technology that absorbs excess liquid that would otherwise accumulate around the seafood. The packaging consists of a tray made out of recyclable PP with cavities at the bottom. A proprietary blend of direct food-contact safe powder is placed in the cavities and secured with a nonwoven fabric heat-sealed over the cavities. The powder, which is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) certified by FDA, absorbs excess liquid that the seafood releases and traps the liquid in the wells of the tray, keeping the liquid away from the seafood. The company also makes a pouch version of SeaWell, in which pillow pockets in the back of the pouch contain the powder. They are typically used to package odd shaped seafood, such as crab legs or whole fish. The packaging is available in a variety of sizes for retail and foodservice.

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