Atlanta, Georgia, May 13, 2013 – Maxwell Chase Technologies today announced the next generation of their patented MCT 25 Automated Tomato Slicer which doubles the production capacity of the previous model.

The new MCT 25 Double Row Tomato Slicer occupies the same footprint of the previous model, while doubling the production capacity to over 3,000 lbs. per hour, with the addition of only one more operator. The machine is easy to load and is fully integrated with a Pick & Place that allows three operators to load, increasing productivity. The MCT 25 slicer removes and collects the unwanted end pieces while placing the premium slices neatly in the tray and is designed and engineered to produce precision cut tomato slices to a standard thickness.

“The new MCT 25 Double Row Tomato Slicer doubles the production capacity of the previous machine, while occupying the same floor space all achieved with the addition of only one operator. Reducing costs and floor space while increasing production is a major advantage in today’s processing world” said Tom Gautreaux, National Sales Director, Maxwell Chase Technologies.

The MCT 25 Double Row Automated Slicer slices twelve tomatoes per cycle, yielding seven premium slices per tomato – which is 84 slices per cycle. When running at a minimum speed of over 12 cycles per minute the yield of the MCT 25 Double Row slicer is over 3,000 lbs. per hour.

The MCT 25 Double Row Automated Slicer integrates with Maxwell Chase Technologies “FreshWell” super absorbent trays, resulting in a dramatic improvement in shelf life of up to 14 days for sliced tomatoes.

A video of the MCT 25 is available at

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