Maxwell Chase Technologies today announced the release of their new MCT 5 Hand Tomato Slicer, which has been specifically designed and engineered to produce precision cut tomato slices. The machine removes and collects the unwanted end pieces while placing the premium tomato slices neatly in the tray. The machine is easy to load and can be run using just one operator. Some of the key advantages of the machine are the reduction in labor cost and the simplicity of use. The MCT 5 Hand Slicer slices six tomatoes per cycle, yielding seven premium slices per tomato – or 42 slices per cycle. It can be operated at over 4 cycles per minute giving an average yield of over 400 lbs. per hour. The MCT 5 Hand Slicer integrates with Maxwell Chase Technologies “FreshWell” super absorbent trays, resulting in a dramatic improvement in shelf life of up to 14 days.